Weekend Sales 7/31/15

Hey sexy peeps! Here’s a list of the weekly sales and what you can find at Facepalm on the cheap!

New Group Gifts Are Out!!! These change on Sunday!


+Facepalm+ Burnin For You +Facepalm+ In Heat

Head Desk

!Head Desk! Amy July Group Gift

400 Members Special Group Gift (will probably be changed by next friday)

+Facepalm+ Deanna 400 +Facepalm+ Will 400

Latest Releases:

+Facepalm+ Lazy Day White +Facepalm+ Lazy Day Teal +Facepalm+ Lazy Day Red +Facepalm+ Lazy Day Pink +Facepalm+ Lazy Day Fatpack

Fabulous 55L Fridays

+Facepalm+ Beautiful Destruction

My 60L Secret http://my60lsecret.blogspot.com/


+Facepalm+ Son Of Samdedi+Facepalm+ Alana+Facepalm+ Ursala

Head Desk:

!HeadDesk! Lucothea Mermaid

Super Sales Weekend ($75L) http://supersalesweekendsl.blogspot.com/


+Facepalm+ Damballah+Facepalm+ Voodoo Mama+Facepalm+ Voyeur +Facepalm+ Zombie Response Team Mens Tee

Head Desk:

!Head Desk! Katie v2 Alchemy


What The Goth


+Facepalm+ Giselle +Facepalm+ Help Scripted +Facepalm+ Help

Head Desk


!Head Desk! Amy


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