Well, yeah her Aer jeez lol

Aerlinniel's Wolftracks

Of allll the ancients, Ripley. You had to go and wake HER up! Introducing the beautiful, Medusa, who has awoken from her slumber and is heading towards Hidden Sanctuary with all the other ancients to create massive choas as the Dark and the Light battle for control of the land. Which one will come out on top? I think the Dark just got a booster with this monst..I mean..beautiful woman on the scene. You can get her amazing outfit including a 10 texture hud, 5 sizes in mesh,  the jewelry and shoes at the Hidden Sanctuary: Tale of Wanders: Return of the Ancients event. Shopping, Roleplay, lots of great places to hang out as well. Come check it out and see what great items you might grab while deciding which side you will be on in the end.


Poses & Props-
 Xtreme Studio

Clothing & Accessories-

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