Aer rockin Temple Goddess from Head Desk

Aerlinniel's Wolftracks


Something dark and sinister has awoken, as the flapping of wings is heard, the creatures slowly stretching and stirring from their rest. Different shades of color, these beings will tempt the sinners and saints alike as they make their presence known. Beware and do not stare for long, or their gaze just may hypnotize you.
This amazing avatar is a creation by ImmateriA for the Return of the Ancients event by Hidden Sanctuary Events. Along with the avatar is some fantastic hair which can also be purchased at the event, by HeadDesk. Many more wonders to see, come shop and enjoy the magic this sim has to offer. Which side will you end up on when the battle begins, light or dark?

Poses & Props-
Xtreme Studio

Clothing & Accessories-

! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~
 Unseelie Hunter v~
A Tale of Wanders- The Ancient Ones Return

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