Facepalm Weekend Sales 5/13/16

Hey sexy peeps! Here’s a list of the weekly sales and what you can find at Facepalm on the cheap!

May Group Gifts:

+Facepalm+ Merc Ladies +Facepalm+ Merc Regular & Aesthetic Mens

Latest Releases:

+Facepalm+ Trixster

My 60L Secret http://my60lsecret.blogspot.com

+Facepalm+ Joker Black +Facepalm+ Kate Red +Facepalm+ Elemental Fire

Super Sales Weekend ($75L) http://supersalesweekendsl.blogspot.com/

+Facepalm+ Mary Ann +Facepalm+ My Prince  +Facepalm+ Renee+Facepalm+ Ronda Pink


The Alchemy


+Facepalm+ Evil Angel +Facepalm+ Naughty Girl Dark Side +Facepalm+ Naughty Girl Light Side

Gacha Good


+Facepalm+ Boot Babe Gacha +Facepalm+ Jade Gacha

On the Boardwalk Gacha


+Facepalm+ Vanessa Tank Gacha +Facepalm+ Wade Regular and Aesthetic Gacha


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