Hey sexy peeps! Here’s a list of the weekly sales and what you can find at Facepalm on the cheap!

June Group Gifts:

+Facepalm+ Heat Wave +Facepalm+ River Run

Latest Releases:

+Facepalm+ Alessa +Facepalm+ Bosslady +Facepalm+ Vixen

Staff Picks

Every week the staff will pick their favourite outfits, and they will be put on sale at the front desk for 50% off for one week!

Zani’s Pick

+Facepalm+ Babygirl Tee

Aer’s Pick

+Facepalm+ Meera Lace

My 60L Secret http://my60lsecret.blogspot.com

+Facepalm+ Viktor +Facepalm+ Cytheria Red +Facepalm+ Dark Kink Black

Super Sales Weekend ($75L) http://supersalesweekendsl.blogspot.com/

+Facepalm+ Big Fella +Facepalm+ Lita +Facepalm+ Sweet +Facepalm+ Illusion Red

Fashion Directory HUD
Facepalm is participating in a new and fabulous sale!
The terminal is on the newness wall in the store. You MUST get the HUD, and then you MUST be wearing the HUD to get the free gift, and to get the discount on the sales item.

Sale Item

+Facepalm+ Trin

Free Gift

+Facepalm+ Tereza


The Alchemy


+Facepalm+ Harley +Facepalm+ Mrs. J Tee

Jersey Shore



+Facepalm+ Degrees of Evil Level 1 +Facepalm+ Degrees of Evil Level 2 +Facepalm+ Degrees of Evil Level 3


+Facepalm+ Certifiable Tanks Gacha


+Facepalm+ Crazy Sexy Tank


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