Weekend Sales 8/25/16

Hey sexy peeps! Here’s a list of the weekly sales and what you can find at Facepalm on the cheap!

Latest Releases:

+Facepalm+ Shirley's Desire

August Group Gifts:

+Facepalm+ Ner Rage Mens +Facepalm+ Nerd Rage Ladies

Staff Picks

Every week the staff will pick their favourite outfits, and they will be put on sale at the front desk for 50% off for one week!

Zani’s Pick

+Facepalm+ Obey v2

Aer’s Pick

!Head Desk! Ella Classic Harley Edition

My 60L Secret http://my60lsecret.blogspot.com

+Facepalm+ Evil Angel +Facepalm+ Merc Regular & Aesthetic Mens +Facepalm+ Feelin Slothy

Super Sales Weekend ($75L) http://supersalesweekendsl.blogspot.com/

+Facepalm+ Constance Red +Facepalm+ Emmaline +Facepalm+ Ronda Black +Facepalm+ Ginger

35L Sundays http://35lsunday.blogspot.com.br/

+Facepalm+ Tilly Skirt +Facepalm+ Vision In White +Facepalm+ Stabby Ladies +Facepalm+ Kayden Fatpack

Fable (ends Saturday!)


+Facpealm+ Princess White +Facepalm+ Sarcastic Ever After +Facepalm+ Princess Blue +Facepalm+ Merry Bryluen +Facepalm+ Merry Gwenwyfar +Facepalm+ Merry Tegan +Facepalm+ Merry Tempest +Facepalm+ Princess Black +Facepalm+ Knight Tank +Facepalm+ Glass Slipper +Facepalm+ Dreamer Sweet Gacha


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