Daddy’s Girl

Gwennie is Daddy’s Girl (wonder how Aer feels about this???)

Gwennies Fashion Statements

Daddy’s Girl

Mom always wondered why Daddy always said I was his favorite. He made sure I always had cute clothing. So, I decided to take a few pictures out on the run down boardwalk at home. Even though it was creaking and wobbly, it was lots of fun taking some pictures

Clothing & Accessories:


Daddy’s Girl Skirt

Now this Skirt hides just enough to make you legal, and entices people to look closely. This is definately another one of my favorites coming to you from +Facepalm+ for the Gacha Good Event. It comes in multiple sizes for Lara, Freya. Hourglass, Isis, Physique and Standard sizes, as well as TMP and Venus. Each one is a different color also.

Gacha Good



~Go Frock Yourself~

Celtic Wolf

Royal Blue Nails Applier

Awesome Coloring for both fingers and toes with three different color variations. Mix or match…

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