Facepalm and Head Desk Advent Calendar

So I’ve been kinda quiet lately but behind the scenes I was actually working. Wear your Facepalm Group Tag (this group) and touch the calendar inside the entrance and get your gift. A new gift every day for free…yes I said free. Some days are from Facepalm, some days are from Head Desk. Enjoy! Go…

New Logos

So as we all know I get wild notions to revamp things, today is no different. New logos for both stores! Facepalm Head Desk

Blogger Search Until Feb. 16th!

Facepalm Industries (Facepalm, Head Desk and Beautiful Darkness) is searching for 5 bloggers to add to our team. Bloggers selected to join our team will have access to the new releases from all 3 stores. Bloggers are expected to be active and photos of good quality. If you have any questions please send Taliah Darwin…

Jolliest Bunch Of Assholes This Side Of The Nuthouse Sale

Ripley has lost her mind….again. Everything other than gift cards in both Facepalm and Head Desk is 50% off! Yes…that includes gachas! Sale starts 12/23/15 (aka now) and ends 1/2/16 (aka the day after the hangover from hell). So when Santa squeezes his fat ass down your chimney, he’ll know he’s in the right place!…

December Group Gifts

Ok so the December group gifts are late but I didn’t forget! I wanted to do something comfy that you could wear sitting around reading a good book or curled up with that special someone. Ladies get a mesh sleepshirt with panties in 5 sizes and guys get mesh sleep pants in 5 sizes.

New Logo

Ok so today is one of those “I-couldn’t-hold-a-thought-in-my-head-if-it-had-handles” kinda days. Don’t ask me why. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the lack of sleep (shocking I know) or the migraine (yep even more shocking). So today I’ve made a new hair for Head Desk (gotta finish that or I will forget. Ever forget?…

1000 Member Group Gifts Are Out

14 months ago I started this journey and now we have over 1000 members! I can’t begin to thank you all for supporting my brand of insanity and randomness. Come grab Mourning for the ladies and Sam for the guys.

850 Member Group Gifts

I am so behind thanks to being sick and my router dying on me but I haven’t forgotten about you! The 850 member group gifts are now out and perfect for fall! Zelly and Xander are in the stores now so come by and grab yours!

Facepalm 1 Year Anniversary Hunt

We did it! We’ve been injecting our brand of crazy sexiness for a year and to celebrate we are having a hunt in our 3 stores. There’s no hints for this hunt, just find the 50 jack-o-lanterns Ripley has carved and shrunk. Doesn’t matter who you are, there’s something for you. Womens, mens, unisex, hair…

600 Member Group Gifts Are Out

Ok so I’m slow but wow this group is growing fast! I toyed with several outfits but they all ended up in the trash. Stari finally let me borrow the brain and I got some inspiration. So here’s the 600 member gifts for you:

Retirement Sale

Ok so I am doing some summer cleaning and going to send some stuff to the retirement home. I have marked these items with a walker (yeah I know I’m evil) and they are 75% off (there are a few that are 60% off and a few 80% off but most are 75%). Yes, you…